We are now holding Milk Matters clinics on Zoom!
Send us a message on Facebook @milkmattersbloomington or by email to milkmattersbloomington@gmail.com and we will send
you information about the next Virtual Milk Matters and how to register to attend. If you don’t have internet access,
we are still here for you by phone/text – just reach out and we’ll be in touch.
As always, all of our services and supplies are 100% free. We are here for you!

Milk Matters provides free infant feeding and lactation support to families in South Central Indiana communities.
Every Milk Matters program is facilitated by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants for the best evidence-based care.

Milk Matters is free to attend. All are welcome.


We offer free, expert, non-judgmental support through Virtual Milk Matters every Sunday, 1pm-3pm on Zoom. Come get your infant feeding questions answered by IBCLCs and see some friendly faces in this group setting. Zoom shy? No need to activate video or audio! Feel free to just listen in or communicate via chat. Send an email to milkmattersbloomington@gmail.com or send a Facebook message to receive a new link each week. We can't wait to see you!

Milk Matters does not offer phone or in-person support. If you need to talk with someone about a question or concern, please contact our highly-qualified local La Leche League leaders or a lactation consultant at IU Health Bloomington Hospital or Outpatient Obstetrics office. If you have concerns about your health or the health of your baby, please contact your medical care providers.

La Leche League of Bloomington Indiana; phone support and virtual meetings twice a month. Our local leaders: Lera: 812-332-7647 or MaryAnn 812-334-8494; land lines, no texting. Contact maryann.lll.btown @ gmail.com or La Leche League of Bloomington Indiana for support or meeting links.

IUHB Lactation Services: 812-918-3737.

IU Health Bloomington Outpatient Obstetrics services offers in-person 90 minute consultations with an IBCLC. Call them directly at 812-918-4743 to schedule an appointment.


We want to hear from you!

You can contact us by email at milkmattersbloomington@gmail.com.

You can also find us on Social Media:

Facebook: MilkMattersBloomington
Instagram: @MilkMattersBloomington


Milk Matters is facilitated by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Ann Marie Neeley, MaryAnn Martin and Sarah Blankenbaker. Our lactation consultants offer free, evidence-based, clinical infant feeding support and weight checks, to all families in our community. You can find more information about our lactation consultants here.

We know that infant feeding looks different for every parent and we respect you and the choices you make for your unique family. We will meet you where you are in your parenting journey with judgement-free help, whether your goal is chest/breastfeeding or exclusively pumping your milk. You can find more information on the Flourish Inc. board here


All services are completely free and open to all. If you would like to support Milk Matters please consider making a monthly or one-time donation by clicking the the gold donate button:

Milk Matters is a program of Flourish, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Non Profit organization. All donations directly fund our breastfeeding support services, and are greatly appreciated! Donations are securely handled by PayPal.

Mission and Vision


The mission of Flourish is to connect the community to free, high-quality infant feeding support and education.


Flourish envisions an increase in human milk feeding rates to reduce racial, economic and health disparities while promoting the well-being of families and the community.

Milk Matter's commitment to achieving equity.